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Container-Quinn Testing Labs


Container-Quinn Testing Laboratories is a full-service, independent testing facility located in Chicago's Northwest suburb of Wheeling, Il. We have established a superior reputation in the industry serving clients from around the nation for more than 72 years. We are an Independent Testing Laboratory with primary focus on packaging, packaging materials and transportation testing. ISTA certified, ASTM and TAPPI Member Lab as well as an Independent Third Party Testing Facility for Hazardous Materials. Our laboratory maintains standard TAPPI conditions of 23±3°C and 50±5% RH.

Our certified technicians are experts in packaging testing and our laboratory is equipped with innovative equiptment to perform such tests. Our wide range of packaging testing services are customized to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with time and cost-efficient solutions.

Container-Quinn is also a certified testing lab for Sears Holdings (KDC). We also hold other special certifications and licensing, including an FFL for testing for the firearms industry.


The equipment we utilize includes:

     Lansmont Vibration Table

     LAB Vibration Table

     Three Methods of Handling Testing

     Reille Compression Tester


     Conbur Incline/Impact Tester with velocity meter

     7-Foot Revolving Drum

     Environmental Chambers

     Freezer Chamber

     Drying and/or Aging Overns

     Cascade Fork Truck Clamp Accessory


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